Our Black Box

How would you trade if you knew you couldn't lose?
If a drawdown should happen, our drawdown bot recovers dangerous drawdowns as they happen and takes profits while recovering.

See How It Works

We positioned this live account into a significant drawdown to demonstrate how our drawdown bot recovers from drawdowns while making profit. Watch how we recover from a 64.8{cc1ce9f319b13f08ae665325a15386c5c6a1a7038dddac0c9738971bb3616273} drawdown and make profit.

0 {cc1ce9f319b13f08ae665325a15386c5c6a1a7038dddac0c9738971bb3616273}

Drawdown before we started our drawdown recovery bot.

0 Months

To recover half of the drawdown. We will recover the rest shortly.

0 {cc1ce9f319b13f08ae665325a15386c5c6a1a7038dddac0c9738971bb3616273}

Is the amount of profit we have made while recovering the drawdown over the last 3 months.

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